Zend Framework & Doctrine

A few months ago, I did a presentation at the meeting on putting together a MVC framework containing pieces of Zend Framework and Doctrine.  Originally conceived by Cory Powers and myself, the result is named Crystal Core.  The slide show presentation can be found here.

Crystal can be checked out via Subversion from here.

If you have any questions about the project or want to help out, please contact me through my website.

June 24th Meeting

Those of you who didn’t come missed an extremely fun and informative meeting. We upgraded azphp.org to the latest wordpress and in the process fixed a bunch of broken items from the old site.

We learned how to easily install or upgrade an instance of wordpress using subversion. Doing so via svn allows you to easily upgrade or switch between wordpress versions (tags) without mucking about with tarballs and ftp.

All in all, a good meeting. Now, off to Boulders on Broadway for the usual foodstuffs.

Wireshark was Ethereal – June Meeting

Ethereal is a sniffer, a tool for troubleshooting, analysis, and (surprise) development of software.

While ethereal is typically thought of as a tool for networking professionals, and it surely is great at those tasks, it can also be used by coders for looking under the hood or “on the wire”.

Paul Yurt co-founder and developer of MasterMOZ a patent pending social web directory, goes into a deep exploration of Ethereal now called Wireshark.

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