Wireshark was Ethereal – June Meeting

Ethereal is a sniffer, a tool for troubleshooting, analysis, and (surprise) development of software.

While ethereal is typically thought of as a tool for networking professionals, and it surely is great at those tasks, it can also be used by coders for looking under the hood or “on the wire”.

Paul Yurt co-founder and developer of MasterMOZ a patent pending social web directory, goes into a deep exploration of Ethereal now called Wireshark.

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October Meeting

This months meeting will be held on: October 24, 2006 at Walt's TV.

Start: 7:00pm
End: 9:00pm

Meeting Outline

  • PHP News
  • Presentation:
    David Schwartz will be presenting about ways to use your programming skills to make money.1
  • Book Signing:
    Joshua Eichorn will be signing copies for anyone who has purchased his book – Understanding AJAX.
  • Immediately Following The Meeting
    Social Hour(s) at Old Chicago