List of mini-projects

In case anyone wanted the list I had up last night…

1. streams: 2 tools, export gzip of a directory, and import the resulting archive to a new folder 
2. redis: content caching? 
3. redis (advanced): pub-sub 
4. mysql: whatever you want… simple 
5. console: make a script which asks for your name, then does something with it. 
6. oauth: twitter client? 
7. crypto: do passwords “right” 
8. time zones: make a simple time-zone-based time converter or clock 
9. event (advanced): use ev extension to do something asynchronous like have a console command that just counts until another script signals it. 
10. images: make an avatar image using a selected color (hex) and your initials centered in the box. 
11. apis: make a script which will find a location (lat/lon) for an address 
12. apis: make a script which will translate a phrase from english to ? 
13. ai: make a bot capable of passing the turing test 
14. apis: make an api service to allow a user to query for some sort of data 
15. lua: utilize the lua extension to do something 
16. composer: use composer to set up a project using libraries able to send mail, use an ORM, and log events 
17. logging: make a script which will log events to syslog, using a psr-3 interface 
18. testing: write unit tests using phpunit to test a math-y class 
19. testing: use prophecy to mock a database class so it does not hit a database when your test runs 
20. sessions: write a session-handler class to store session data in redis 
21. templating: use twig to write a simple webpage which includes dynamic data 
22. regex: write a script which will take the contents of a webpage and output a list of all the images on the page, optionally add the size of each image WITHOUT actually downloading the image. 
23. time: write a fuzzy-time renderer to take a date-time and render something wordy like “3 days from now”, “next week”, “long, long ago…” 
24. unicode: write an emoji class to convert specific strings like “(y)” to a thumbs-up. Extra points if you use the pile-of-poo unicode. 
25. write or use a markdown library to render a markdown file in the cli 
26. testing: use behat to write a few behavior-driven tests 
27. documentation: use a documenting library to export documentation for some random php library or set of classes. 
28. search: index some data using elasticsearch (for easy data, use the faker library) 
29. visualization: write a script to render a data-series as a line or bar chart