Javascript print_r()

Many of us have searched for a looooong time to find something like this that works. My coworker found something that almost worked, but failed horribly, so I fixed it and here it is for your viewing/usage enjoyment. Note that it requires jQuery.

… Hmm, apparently our version of wordpress doesn’t like code. I’ve uploaded it though. Take a look:

Sites For PHP Devs

Jonathan at DivisionByZero wrote up a nice article about some sites & strategies PHP devs should know about.  Especially those new to PHP development.

I especially agree with the PHP Manual.  PHP is highly community-driven, and the manual shows that.  Almost any function you search for in the manual, you’ll see a ton of community comments relating uses, caveats, etc.  I’ve been working with PHP for many years and I still hit the manual probably twice per week.


SQLite is a small mobile database engine…not mobile as in cellular; mobile as in you can take the database file and copy/move it to any other box with sqlite libraries and use it.  The database file can (and should) reside within the same directory structure as the application using it, unlike most database engines where all database files reside in the database server directory structure. This makes your entire application easily transferrable and installable (no need for database setup). Of course, it’s nowhere near as powerful as most database engines but for small applications or dynamic configurations, this kind of database works great.

Here’s a nice article and short tutorial on using PDO and SQLite:


Wow, look at the date on the last post on this site!  Anyone looking might think the group is dead.  It’s time for a bit of a revival!

If you find a PHP or web-application/development related article and would like to share it, please post it to the mailing list.  When one of us site admins has a chance, we’ll link it up here.  Same if you want to write an article or present to the group.

Some of the recent topics discussed at meetings include Twilio (telephony API), jQuery, PHP5.3, and frameworks.

How about topics you’d like to see/present at the meetings?  Post ’em here or to the mailing list.